Autumn was born June 20, 1981. She’s 5′7″, weighs 148 pounds and measures 40-32-40. Bra size? Glad you asked. It’s 34D, she says. Autumn lives in Tucson, Arizona and goes to school. “There’s not much to tell you about my sex life,” says Autumn. “I don’t have a steady. I really have to get to know a guy before I will go to bed with him. I lost my virginity to a friend of my older brother. I came the first time I had sex.”

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“As far as oral sex is concerned, I much prefer it after the guy and I have finished shagging,” Amy told XLGirls’ fearless editor Bruce. “I know that most men want to go to sleep then, but I always try to persuade the one I’m with to go down on me.” Chicks. They can be too demanding. Don’t they understand that load shooting knocks a guy out?

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She’s happy with her chubby body, which is always nice, and she revels in the attention that she gets when she’s out in public. “I definitely dress to accentuate my curves and I like to show lots of cleavage,” Amanda said. “Dressing like I do attracts the kinda men that I go for. If the guy’s forward enough to come up to me and comment on the way I look, then he’s basically already gotten to first base with me. I have been called outrageous more than once, and I like that ’cause I am. I’m outrageous in public and I’m definitely outrageous in the bedroom.” Sex toys are great for taking me to the verge of cumming, but I usually like to finish myself off with my fingers because I love the feel and the aroma of my pussy.”

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A sneak and intimate peek at Bailey who lives in Shakopee, Minnesota and commutes to San Diego, California for photo shoots. Bailey is 22, born September 25, 1979, and is 5′4″, weighs 140 lbs., measures 40-34-40 and dons a 36F bra. Bailey is making her V-Girl debut in Voluptuous Magazine. The full spread of that transparency shoot will be appearing on XL Girls soon. This set was shot with a low-res digital camera prior to Bailey’s magazine layout. While the quality isn’t up to our regular standards, it’s acceptable for a first-time look. An excellent model who knows what the guys want and delivers, F-cupper Bailey will be heading back to the west coast soon. We’ll be ready and waiting to see Bailey tug her meaty gazombas again.

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Belle is a retail store employee. She’s a biggin’ at 5′11″ 175 pounds, 44-36-42 and 40DD. She lives in Tucson. Belle was born February 3, 1961. She talked a lot about sex with our shooter. She told us she’s been divorced for awhile and hasn’t gotten herself a steady man yet. Which is a shame, you can tell she must be the horny type.

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Beverly, aka Bev, has had a good run in Voluptuous. At 165 lbs and 48-37-42 in this particular shoot, her thick, fleshy body and huge 42E cups really pricked up our attention. She’s now 35, born May 14, 1967. Bev originally decided to pose naked for us drooling maniacs worldwide to show her ex-husband that she had exactly the kind of goods that slobbery tit hounds wanted. Quoting Bev: “My husband said I was too fat. That no man would be interested in me because of my weight. Well, I have shown him wrong.” That’s the problem with women who have very large breasts.They throw it in your face.

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Welcome the ass-tounding 23 year-old plumperooski who calls herself Chanta, 165 pounds of fuckable flesh on a 5′7″ frame. She lives in San Francisco, California and works in the boxoffice of a movie house. That doesn’t pay the bills so she’s decided to moonlight for us as an XL Girl. Chanta’s considerable dimensions: 44-32-39. She has a tough time finding bras as she measures in at 42DDD. “I have a nightmare finding bras that properly fit me and I can’t afford custom-made ones,” says Chanta. “I’ve come close to having a reduction, but I can’t afford that either. At least, the guys I go out with beg me not to think about that. They say they love my boobs and to leave them alone. Posing for XL has paid off some expenses and since boob men tell me they like my body, I’m happy to be here!”

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Cali got on our XL-o-meter and the tape read: Ht: 5′4″. Weight: 140 pounds. Measurements: 36-29-38 Bra size: 36DD. Dress: 9. All of this raw data means that Cali is a Grade A babe for XL In today’s Cali video clips, we’ll see Cali from Voluptuous Xtra #3 in that most cherished of masculine fantasies. We mean the daydream of being laid up in the hospital and this white garbed angel named Nurse Jackit enters. She checks your chart, washes your putz and balls very slowly and very carefully, and then locks the door. Once your Johnson is cleansed and freshened to her liking, Nurse Jackit goes down on your shaft to the root, bobbing her head up and down like a piston, her cheeks indenting as her powerful suction increases your penile circulation. She stares at you while she sucks. Her cheek is bulging and stretched to the maximum. After three minutes of intensive knob guzzling, you’re as hard as a railroad spike and ready to lay tracks into Cali’s clamp-tight cunt…

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One of the most popular XL models in photomodeling history, Candye has cut back on her modeling to focus on her traveling band, “The Swinging Armadillos,” and her CD albums. She has been making a name for herself. “A lot of people come to my shows to see how big my boobs are,” says Candye. “But the music is also what keeps them coming back.” Life is sweet these days for Candye. This set is one of her all time greatest pictorials, shot at the height of her XL perfection.

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33 years old, 44-36-42 and horny, Cassidy says she thinks about sex more than guys do. 140 lbs of trouble, and 5′8″ tall, Cassidy points out that she is able to cum fast. A guy doesn’t have to work on her for 30 minutes to give her an orgasm. “If a man smacks my ass cheeks really hard when his cock is in me, I will probably cum really fast,” she told XL. Cassidy lives in Fresno, CA. This photo set was shot in Vegas by a photographer Cassidy met while on a quickie weekend.

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